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Mares that are aggressive, moody or badly behaved during their season (or at any time) may benefit greatly from Monster Mare Magic.

This blend may assist with hormonal imbalances, calm the irritated horse and “even” out the mood swings associated with a mare’s cycle.

Did you know that mares can be tricked into cycling by warmer than average days and then sometimes stop cycling in the colder months? Therefore, it’s very hard to judge if it’s your mare’s "bad" behaviour or she is feeling uncomfortable and in pain due to her season.

While you should see some calming effects fairly quickly this blend is meant to be used long term to allow the benefits of the herbs to build in the system. Chaste Tree Berry Powder may take up to 12 weeks to become fully effective in some cases.

Contains five key ingredients

Chaste Tree Berry Powder: reduces hormonal behaviour in mares during oestrus. Widely used as a remedy for PMT in women. Chaste Tree is also recognised for inhibiting sex hormones of stallions, particularly useful when their behaviour is deemed to be dangerous or causing them loss of condition.

Passionflower: calming, sedative, relaxant. Particularly helpful for mares who are stressed and uncomfortable during hormonal changes.

Chamomile: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, calming, balancing and soothing to the nervous system.

Vervain: tonic, sedative, nervine. Thought to be a “cure all” by the Greeks and the American Indians and indispensable for the modern horse. Improves liver and digestive function and assists the uterus.

Valerian Root: muscle relaxant, sedative, tranquilising. Can be very calming to the uncomfortable or stressed horse.

Monster Mare Magic

  • Please email to order this product. Please allow 1-2 days for stock to arrive, then you will be emailed for pickup/delivery/postage. 

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