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HoofXtra mix (formerly known as Laminitis Rescue) is a nutritional mineral supplement with copper and zinc, magnesium, selenium, the B vitamins biotin, pyridoxine and folic acid and a small amount of calcium and phosphorus to help maintain optimal hoof, coat, hair and immune system health. Formulated to provide the most commonly deficient minerals – copper and zinc based on thousands of pasture and hay laboratory tests. HoofXtra is a highly bioavailable mineral mix containing proven premium mineral and vitamin sources based on equine research.

Hoof Xtra

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  • Large: net weight = 4.9 kg – will last 9.7 months for one horse based on the standard feeding rate – economical pack.

  • The standard feeding rate is 17 grams or a 1.2 metric tablespoon (slightly heaped tablespoon, best to weigh). For ponies under 300 kg, 1/2 tablespoon.

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