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Essential Wrap is a wound dressing bandage for horses, dogs and other animals. It is non-slip, inexpensive and easy to use. The innovative wound dressing can be applied to difficult and often impossible areas of an animal and help to overcome common issues associated with traditional bandaging, such as pinched tendons, restricted movement and bandage burns.

Essential Wrap is made from kinesiology tape - a special type of material that is flexible up to 140%, allowing it to contour to the animals limbs; expanding and contracting to adjust to any swelling or movement of the animal. It is easy to apply, but even easier to remove, eliminating the need for sharp tools to remove the bandage. 

Essential wrap has its own built-in wound dressing, which is free of any chemical products. Supplimental wound care products, such as creams or ointments, can be applied to the dressing depending on the type of wound.

Essential Wrap is available in 5 different sizes to suit the area of injury. Please view sizing images for best fit. 

Directions for use:

1.      Clean the wound and the area where the bandage is to be placed.

2.      Treat wound if necessary.

3.      Remove bandage from sterile packaging.

4.      Peel the smaller piece of backing tape from the back of the bandage.

5.      Place the peeled, adhesive section of the bandage against the leg or body, ensure the wound dressing pad covers the wound.

6.      Remove the larger section of the backing tape while wrapping the bandage around the leg or injured area while applying a small amount of even pressure.

7.      When you finish applying the bandage, rub the bandage with your fingers/hand to create friction to ensure that the glue in the bandage is activated and adheres properly, paying particular attention to where the bandage finishes.

Best results are achieved if the bandage is changed every 3-4 days

Essential Wrap- Multipurpose

  • With the use of Kinesiology Tape, Essential Wrap allows the affected area to expand and reduce when swelling is present, allowing the animal to continue to move and eliminates the problem of further injury caused by bandages becoming either too tight or slipping.

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